Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Mommy felt a little like a cartoon that might be labeled "Stuff White People Like." She sat, introverted, in a corner of Starbucks. Not her neighborhood Starbucks, but a much nicer one (down the street from her gym). She drank an iced tea that was made with complicated directions. She nibbled, bird like (she had just been to the gym, afterall) at a chocolate covered graham cracker. She surrounded herself with the latest technology: her laptop (so she could "write") and her smart phone (which was not the latest and rather dumb at times, actually). She checked the time frequently to make sure she would make it in time to her haircut, and then onward to home to relieve the babysitter. Once a week, Mommy sent both kids to Sweet Potata's daycare so she could have time to herself and "get things done." SHe told people she cleaned the house on that day. It was sort of true. Today was a magical second day of childcare for both children and Mommy was determined to enjoy it, even if she did look like a cartoon. Even if she was at Starbucks and not a magical more local locale with questionable wifi and unforturnate iced tea choices.

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