Thursday, September 13, 2012

10 Things I Love About You

1. You make up little songs all the time. For example: "Sweet Potata has little tiny ears!"

2. You are a natural tiny dancer who feels the music. Especially Michael Jackson's Shake Your Body.

3. When you retell a story you use very exaggerated hand gestures and say "like" a lot. Have you been watching the Disney channel again?

4. You could tell any CTA rider how to get where they are going. You know that the red line begins at Howard and ends at 95th.

5. You can do flawless impressions and even accents. But you won't do them on command. You are nobody's monkey.

6. You love to try new recipes. Remember that brief period last Spring when you wanted a hummus sandwich for lunch everyday?

7. Sometimes you say nothing for hours. Sometimes you just burst into song with a gem like this:
"Come on, we can ride it! We can ride the train!"

8. You've been marching for the Chicago Teachers Union for four straight days.

9.   When someone asks you what your want for your birthday you say, "a card."

10. You are still very snuggly.

Happy 6th Birthday to a true original! I love you, Lil Buddy.

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