Saturday, September 1, 2012

Happy to You, Sweet Potata!

Sweet Potata, look at you! Here you are at only 4 months old, sitting in a bowl at Grandpa and NY Lala's house. Already you were a sweet morsel of delicious baby exuberance. Now you are two. Two years old! How is that possible? Just yesterday Aunt BF and I propped you into this bowl for a cute photo op and then I scooped you up and you melted like butter into my neck. You were a sweet little lump of baby goo goo ga ga.

And you are 2 years old. ( 2 years and 2 days because Mommy didn't get around to blogging on the 30th, which was your big day) You can do all kinds of amazing things like tell your big brother "Don't do dat!" and "hugs! hugs!"  You can scale the changing table with your tiny monkey legs and arms. You can dance freely in Lincoln Square while buskers test out their amps and their questionable material. You sing "twinkle twinkle little sky," at the top of your lungs and you really don't care that the actual lyric is "little star." You tell people "Happy to You," instead of "happy birthday to you." You walk up to giant dogs and introduce yourself fearlessly. When you pet them you say, "Nice, nice yoggie." You build towers out of blocks and knock them down like a happy, mini Godzilla. You shun whole grain bread in any form but you love a hardboiled egg. I've seen you carry on a whole conversation with a Hello Kitty mylar balloon.

And here you are, face down in a cupcake. I love you, Sweet Potata. Don't ever change.

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