Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Strike Schedule: A brief , and rough rundown of Days 1 and 2

Day One:

Wake up at 4:45am and trip over shit in the dark because, well, it is dark.

Make a poster, a kind of lame one.

Shower, pack up things, put on red shirt.

Remind sleeping spouse where it is I am going.

Walk in the dark to bus stop and feel a little nervous.

6 a.m.: Get on bus. Look for red shirts. there aren't any. yet.

6:20:  Get off bus and walk to school. Meet colleagues wearing red shirts. help self to coffee because you picked the wrong month to give up coffee.

Walk in a circle with better sign (not the lame one I discarded) and learn some chants. Help self to a donut because you picked the wrong month to give up carbs.

You would never give up carbs, actually, but this is a terrible month for it.

7:30 begin texting exchange with spouse. Try and give clear directions to the school down the street where you are now. Sense spouse's tension. Feel tension and frustration because your smart phone kind of sucks and hangs up on people a lot.

8:30: Greet spouse and Lil buddy at school. Provide child with munchkins.

9:00: watch as Lil Buddy warms up to other small protesters and begins to play

10:30: take child home.

11:00 lunch at home with child. Sit ass on couch and consider folding laundry.

12:45 Fall asleep during Thomas with Lil Buddy nestled next to me.

1:55: Wake up during Angelina Ballerina. Holy crap it's time to go!

2:00: ask LB nicely if he will put on socks and shoes.

2:05: Brush teeth. Tell LB in a sweet voice to put on socks and shoes.

2:10: Gather things and remind LB about those socks and shoes.


2:30 drive to and park car at school.

2:35: meet the other teachers and walk to train station with LB

2:55: exit station and find Daddy. Kiss boys goodbye. Daddy takes LB for the rest of his work day.

3:10: meet up with 50,000 people or so in front of Board of Ed. HOld up signs. March through Loop for two  hours. Shut down Loop traffic.

5:10: say goodbye to teachers and head to Daley Plaza where Daddy is waiting and LB is sliding down the Picasso head first.

5:20: train with boys

5:45: exit and walk to car

6:01: Gather Sweet Potata at the last possible minute from daycare and apologize for lateness.

6:30: feed babies.

6:50: snuggle with babies and read

7:05: bathe babies

7:15 put jammies on babies and brush their teeth

7:30 Night nights

8:00: pick up tacos from corner

8:15: eat in front of news

8:35: begin texting and emailing tomorrow's babysitting possibilities

9:00: decide on dropping LB at teacher friends house down the street

10:00: throw red t shirt in laundry!!!

10:45: Night nights.

Day Two

5:00 a.m. : sleep in today.

5:45 a.m.: make somewhat better poster

6:00 a.m.: leave for school!

6:20 a.m: arrive at school to find one teacher friend also early. Decide to go to dunkin donuts drive through in her car for coffeee

6:45 a.m: coffee consumption out of control today!

7:00 a.m: join teacher friends out on busy Irving Park Road. Wave sign, chant, worry over negotiations.

8:15 a.m: Daddy drops Sweet Potata off at her daycare.

8:30 a.m: Daddy brings Lil Buddy. Parks car in neighborhood and takes the train down to his work.

10:30 a.m: Gather signs and things, get afternoon assignment and put Lil Buddy in car.

11:00 a.m: lunch at Potbelly. Lil Buddy is happy and sparkly and insists I sit next to him.

12:00 pm: quick trip to Trader Joes where LB and I do our best to shop for the week with no list. Lots of prepared and frozen food. Mommy and Daddy do not have time to cook.

1:00 pm: arrive home and unload groceries. Pack a bag for LB to take to friend's house.

1:26 pm: drive to house and practice conversations in the car.

1:30 pm: drop off at teacher friend's house. Get LB settled. Take teacher friend with me to train.

2:00 pm: park car near train and get on train. Send text to hubby about where he can find car when he leaves work.

2:30 walk through Loop with teachers for a few hours. End up at Buckingham Fountain and take photos.

4:30: Daddy leaves loop separately to pick up the babies.

5:30 train it home. Send Daddy a telepathic message to start dinner.

6ish: walk in door and love babies. Message to Daddy has been received!!!!! Dang.

6:30: feed babies.

6:55: snuggle babies

7:15: bathe babies

7:30: goodnights

8:00pm: dinner for grownups

8:30: and a very small glass of wine

9:00: confirm through email that this is not over and there will be more tomorrow

10:00: wash red shirt

11:00: Night nights for us.


  1. Kudos for all of it --especially keeping that red shirt clean!

  2. thanks, EM. It can stand up to the Mayor on it's own..........